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Explain the "tuckable iwb" please...

Originally Posted by Powdersmoke View Post
Does anyone ever actually use a tuckable that much?
I used one for several years for my Glock 36, positioned at about 4:00 on my belt. I found that adjusting the holster to ride low made it more concealable, but not so low to compromise grip access.

I started carrying a revolver much more, so I stopped carrying the Glock in favor of my SP101. I had a High-noon holster that fit the Ruger, but it has such a large single clip on it, it's not at all deep concealment, negating the tuck aspect. Now I just carry OWB or IWB with a vest or some such garment. Never liked untucked shirts much; too sloppy looking. I now use a Simply Rugged with inside-out straps.
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