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LOP on most lever action carbines is short, about 12-1/2" to 13". One reason many shooters have trouble shooting these short little rifles is that they are all scrunched up and cannot achieve anything like good posture or natural posture. The "average" length of pull is 13-3/4", most factory rifles are at that length.
I think if you look, youre going to find that most older rifles stocked for use with iron sights have a LOP of around 12 1/2" - 13". Most all of your military rifles also have the same LOP.

It seems these days, not to many rifles come set up with stocks for iron sights, or even the irons themselves, although some still come equipped with them. With or without them, many of the stocks are really intended to be used with a scope, and tend to be to high, and to long, especially if you learned on and/or are used to the shorter stocks.

Im one that prefers the shorter LOP's, as they are what I learned on, and I have a lot of trouble shooting the stocks with the longer LOP. They just dont shoulder and shoot properly, especially when done instinctively.

Recoil pads are just another issue that, for me, just makes things even worse. Ive become quite good at removing them and fitting butt plates (something else that seems to have gone out of fashion, especially the nice checkered steel ones). That alone, often gets things back to that "correct" LOP. As with many things, Brownells is you friend.
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