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458 Socom vs 450 Bushy

They both use standard 223 or 5.56 AR mags. But the 458 is a 45 RIFLE caliber and the 450 is a 45 PISTOL caliber. Rifle in 45 caliber is .458" and pistol is .452" - don't ask me why!!

So one advantage of the 458 is that you can find more spire pointed bullets for it in higher weights, whereas the 450 is limited to blunt nosed pistol bullets usually 300 grains or less. Pointy bullets buck the wind better for more retained velocity at the far end of the effective range (150 yards?). But for brush the blunt bullets crash through twigs better on the way to the target with less deflection. With 458 you can load for either situation.

For the 458 you can hand load bullets designed for 458 Socom, 45/70 Govt, 458 Win, 458 anything. Weights range from 250grains up to 500gr, with a few 600's out there. I've never loaded anything bigger than a 350 round nose in mine. With a 500 your usually subsonic (under 1100fps?) but max loads push 1350fps, still a mass of energy, similar to a shotgun slug at around 2000 ft lbs.

But I suppose if I took it elk hunting someday I might pack one magazine full of 500 grain solids just in case I ran into Mr Grizz in a bad mood. My elk round would be a 300 grain barnes triple x.

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