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Browning BL-22

I have a BL-22. I have had the feed problem also. Rifle is 2 weeks old.
I blame two things. 1st; the rim diameters of the 22lr's ranging from .270 to .276. The rounds with the larger rim diameter (.274-.276) would "hang" up in the receiver. Smaller rims were OK.
2nd; Found metal & dirt in the receiver and end of bolt area. I have not ventured into the dis-assembly yet, but flushed out this area with WD40 and re-lubed real good.
FYI .006 is the thickness two pieces of 20 lb paper. If the rifle is manufactured to tight tolerances a piece or dirt or a metal chip the thickness of a piece of paper will give you fits.
Getting past these issues are part of the "break in " stage of the new rifle.
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