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In a pinch, you can make your own with some old scope screws you have laying around in your box and a dremmel with a fiberglass cuttoff wheel. Screw it in until you find the right depth then mark that depth with a tiny sliver of masking tape. Unscrew the screw and grip the head with a pair of vise grips. Use the dremmel to cut off the tip of the screw at the mark. You now have an unheaded screw with one good end and one ragged end. Put that little screw in your vise grips with the ragged end out (don't grip too tight or you'll bugger the threads). Use the flat side of the wheel to polish the top flat. Now, very carefully, use the edge of the wheel to make a screwdriver slot. When that is done, get out your torch. heat it cherry red and douse it in a bit of motor oil. That will do a decent approximation of bluing. You now have a home-made plug.
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