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Used S&W 1911 DK vs New Ruger SR1911

Hello All -

Decided it was time to pick up a 1911. I've shot a couple, but never owned one or shot them extensively. I'm looking for a < $1000 model, and wanted a few basic upgrades like extended beavertail, flared ejection port, chamfered mag well, etc. Nothing extravagant, but not a basic GI model.

I ran by the LGS to check out the Ruger SR1911 as that is the gun that seemed to pique my interest most. I do like this model, trigger felt nice, and they get good reviews. The shop also had a nice used S&W 1911 DK. I would have to get used to the flat trigger, but the pull was nicer than the Ruger. Coming from striker fired guns, even tuned, the SA pull on the 1911 is very nice.

The Ruger is $800, the DK is $950 and in good shape. Any opinions on how this "deal" looks, are there any inherent benefits to the DK over what I said about the trigger?
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