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I'm not as much of an anti-government conspiracy theorist as some, but these things in the hands of DHS make me far less comfortable with the White House position that a military drone strike on US citizens on US soil is unlikely, as the best solution for domestic criminals is law enforcement. I won't really care if the drone doing the striking is DHS or Military...

The older folks will probably remember this joke being used as a reference...
Hmmm... I have two coins in my hand. Together they total 55 cents. One of them is not a nickel, what are they? A 50 cent piece, and a nickel. The 50 cent piece is not a nickel you see.

I have two organizations at my command with Drones.. I find it highly unlikely I would ever order a military drone strike inside the US on US Citizens, "where well-established law enforcement authorities" are the legal choice against US citizens. The military is not a law enforcement authority....

But Homeland Security is, suckers!!!

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