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Best Semi Auto Deer Rifle For Best Price?

Originally Posted by globemaster3 View Post
Slim, obviously sarcasm has little to no effect on you!

First, I am a Florida native, where the OP is from, and unlike your gorgeous Mulies, most FL whitetails don't top the scales over 100 pounds! We joke that they are more akin to German Sheppards than deer! On top of that, in most of the oak heads and cypress swamps where you find the deer concentrations I hunted in the central and south FL regions, your shots were rarely over 100 yards. My longest was ~200 yards on a big hog, but was the rare exception.

So, inside that context, is a 300 WM really necessary, since you are shooting in essence large dogs inside 100 yards? I'd argue that its too much! Do I think negatively of 300 WM or 7MM Rem Mag? Nope, they have their place.

Now, change the scenery to what you are showing with sage and ridgelines, up the size of the deer and increase the distance, sure, you can make an argument for 300 WM or 7mm Rem Mag. There are other calibers that will do it, too that are not magnums. Personally, I think you are a glutton for punishment with the 300 RUM unless you are handloading reduced rounds, but that's just my opinion and with $.50 might get you a cup of coffee. Although on second look, the distortions in the photo might be a brake on the end of your barrell, so your felt recoil might be less than normal...

As for my hunting credentials, you won't see any deer as big as yours, but I've managed, thanks to the USAF, to hunt Florida, Washington, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, and Missouri and have spent time in the woods in Germany (couldn't legally hunt there, but saw some big Red Stag!). Taken deer, hogs, all manner of ducks and geese, and varmints of a couple shades.
Point taken and surprisingly I didn't catch the sarcasm. I didn't realize you guys had midget deer down there, I always thought of Whitetails being the same size for the most part, other than the "Grey Ghosts." (ie. Coues deer)

I always think of my hunting rifle as an all purpose tool that allows me to hunt where ever I go. I'm not a rich man and having hunting rifles for every purpose is out of the question. My .300 RUM has no muzzle break but I am happy for that. The noise this rifle makes is deafening as it is, a muzzle break would probably kill my ear drums for all-time. The recoil is pretty rough compared to most rifles but it's nothing when your adrenaline is up. I practice mostly with my lead sled out to 600 yards and see no change in POI.

I was also thinking that the OP may someday hunt another state and may want something with more all-around capability. I believe they make the BAR in 30.06. That could be another good choice. I guess I have always been of the school of thought that its very difficult to be over-gunned when you are hunting but it's real easy to be under-gunned.

For the record, you are right about the differences in country, my buck this year was killed at 610 yards witnessed by my partner of course. I would rather shoot something at 100 yards but I have always wanted the ability to reach out deep and this rifle has given me that ability. I get close with my bow year round and it's nice to have a "hunting vacation." My term for rifle hunting.
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