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I am a Libertarian who has had reservations about the much too close relationship of the NRA with the GOP, The GOP more or less can take most of the blame for the fraudulent War on Terror, the Patriot Act, etc., though most of the Democratic Party and the GOP are culpable for the erosion of Constitutional rights in the last 3 presidents,
however I have been pleasantly suprised to see a lot of non-partisan actions involving pro-gun Democrats and the like; I am a staunch NRA supporter, however I see a real problem with the way the NRA indirectly (almost directly) suggests who to vote for (typically Repubs); as important as the gun issue is it is not the only factor in choosing a candidate, frankly my feeling with the GOP is they have been throwing people a bone (support of gun rights) while involved and backing numerous major criminal activites of Wall Street, Federal Reserve etc. I don't even believe the GOP will actually continue to support gun rights in the future, hope I'm wrong
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