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Thanks for the proof read Unclenick! It is always great to have a second set of eyes on my writing. The way things are written always makes sense to the person who actually wrote it haha.

I rewrote the section on the rebound spring removal, I like your idea of a upward angle picture and once I get a tripod or an extra hand I think I will do that. It now reads:

To remove the rebound spring simply compress the spring with the tool, the peg that holds the spring tension will slide into the notch in the tool. Once the spring is compressed lift upward so the rebound spring and block lifts at an angle and is released from the peg. Make sure to release the tension on the spring slowly so it does not "spring" from the block and most likely somewhere unreachable, because we all know small parts never land right in front of us in a well lit area.
Thanks for the tip for smoothing up the action. I have taken this revolver apart completely before this project but finally feel I know the inner workings enough to start tinkering and tuning. These S&W are much simpler to work on that I original feared, I used to be a mechanic though and have built engines so I suppose that helps with visualizing how things work. Thanks again for the input it was very helpful.
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