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Originally Posted by F. Guffey
AR15Barrels insist I open the link he provided, “That works great IF you know where your boltface datum is and you have a way to take accurate measurements on the barrel”

A machinist (gunsmith) is only as good as his tools.
If you don't have a depth gauge, you probably should not be chambering barrels.

AR15BARRELS. I honestly believe you can do better than that, I know a few proud owners of some very fine tools that have absolutely no ideal how they are used. I get the most out of the least amount of tools. I am the one that can check the length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder/datum with the bolt closed. Again, the bolt face is not a datum, it is a plane without the datum, the datum is used to find a location/diameter on the shoulder of the case, shoulder of the go, no and beyond-gage and chamber. The datum is the ‘measured from’ the bolt face is the ‘measured to’.

Height gage, depth gage, then there are those old transfer calipers, and the dial caliper, it is inside, outside and a depth micrometer. I have no infatuation with head space gages, there are only three between .000 and .016”+, there are no chamber length gages on the .000-(negitive) side. I make chamber length gages from .012 shorter than minimum length/full length to .016+, that is 28 different length. Tools? I also have an in-line, angle and butt grinder. I am not the one that thinks head space gages come from mars, people make gages, I am a people.

“A machinist (gunsmith) is only as good as his tools.

If you don't have a depth gauge, you probably should not be chambering barrels”

AR15BARRELS, my opinion, you should make an attempt to work with the OP, do the best you can do to serve him, that is the reason he asked the question, again, I believe you can do better.

F. Guffey

Then there is my quote: That no one quotes, if they did they would have to ask “HOW?” Not an attempt to drive any anyone into the curb but I modify go-gages into go to infinity gages, something like a variable length head space gage. “A machinist (gunsmith) is only as good as his tools”, I believe it is more about what the operator of the machine does with the the tools.
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