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OK without your cases overflow in H2o,but useing the rest of your info,I came or QL came up with 2194 fps.So now after punching in the numbers on my BC app I get a -6.94" drop at 200 with a 100 yard zero. ( this too was at the altitude I shoot ) so your altitude will change the fps in a +/- by so may fps

Now this doesn't mean a thing,your rifle may shoot faster than QL is giving us.For some reason in my rilfe many times I may say,my rifle shoots right along with QL.So I roll with what QL has to say and many times its been very close to what my rifle shoots from one distance to another.

could you post the other target,better yet next time out with this same load shoot at 300.( with your rifle set for a 100 zero ) then post that target with a ruler showing the drop from the center of target to the center of your group. ( 5 or more shots ) thats if you can shoot out to 300,if not then 200 should do.
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