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I've taught several kids to shoot and find that it's easier for them to learn the fundamentals with a red-dot or low-powered scope.

The red dot doesn't add much weight or wiggle to the equation, so kids are more likely to be willing and able to shoot offhand with it. Kids who start shooting very young like to shoot from a rest when using a scope, because of visible wiggle and weight. They can shoot from a rest very well at a very young age, however.

I don't like open sights on any rifle, preferring receiver rear sight and front post for field shooting. It's faster and more accurate in most light than open sights and looking through the aperture, there's only one thing (front sight) to line up with the target. In stressful situations, like shooting deer for the first few times, people tend to look right over an open rear sight, resulting in shooting right over deer.

My grandkids just LOVE to shoot small metallic sihouette targets at various distances at the range. It's instant reward, both visually and audibly. By keeping them painted and showing them hits, I can encourage kill zone shots.

It's funny that some prefer shooting the 10-22, while others like the bolt actions or lever actions. There are enough rifles to go around. After learning how to shoot with scopes, red-dots, and receiver sights, I'm amazed at how well they do with handguns.
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