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shootniron: "I have the M44 and it will not stand up to the .44spec loads"
I just bought a used M44 Tracker and have only fired a few rounds through it as a function check.

I am very interested in how yours didn't stand up and what kinds of repairs were required.

I'm always interested in hearing about how good their warranty service is. I've only owned two or three Tauri and none has, so far, given me any problem.

Now I'm worried about the M44; it's a very handy-sized .44 magnum and so far, I really like it.

Oh, please accept my apologies, ratshooter, I think I've contributed to your thread derailment.

OTOH, I'd like your reasons for thinking the porting is "silly" (I don't have a real opinion of it, as yet).


Show me the data

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