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I'm willing to bet they'd endorse nearly anyone over Chris Christie as well. The inverse of the current point is also true. Some (D)'s are pro gun, and some (R)'s are not our friend.

My State is usually the example I use in this sort of debate for either side. My State is blue time after time after time. The last time we sent an (R) to Congress anyone outside the state knew from politics instead of a Lifetime Made for TV special about catching the Green River Killer, it was Slade Gorton and it feels like I was in Grade school.

I live practically in the middle of the three counties with enough (D)s and population to be the figurative tail that wags the dog. But we still have a half dozen or more gun shops within a 30 minute drive, and at least as many public ranges within an hour. (Remember, have to drive further to get rural enough for the outdoor rifle ranges) We have Shall Issue laws here. We don't support that many businesses if the (D)'s don't shoot, and we don't get Shall Issue if they don't want to strap on a pistol too.

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