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Great stuff, thanks for the tips Mr.Sheep.

I just got mine in the mail yesterday, now I have to find some large rifle primers.

I am sure I will have to change my shorts when one of those primers goes off.

Its good to hear that reloading is being passed on to the younger members of the family, my son reloads with me also and he is very enthusiastic.

I was impressed with the quality of this little device, there is nothing cheap in its construction at all.

I remember the first cartridges that I reloaded, my wife came out into the garage just before my son and myself were headed to the range. She flew into a tissy and stated"you will shoot all them bullets that you made, I don't want my son to come back with out any fingers or hands, do you hear me ?"

My son and I just rolled our eyes and went to the range and had a great time.

And yes he came back with all appendiges still attached.

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