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ISSC MK22 Quick Review

Hello Folks,

Just a quick review of the MK22. It was my first range visit so if this info helps you that's great, if not just ignore.

If anyone is sitting on the fence waiting to purchase an MK22, I personally recommend you pick one up. I really didn't need another semi auto 22 as I have two other Ruger 10/22's. I bought the ISSC instead of the SR-22 just for looks. I understand some people think that is a waste of money, but each to their own. The SR22 just seems like another 10/22 to add to the collection.

My first range visit consisted of open sights, so pinpoint accuracy was out of the question. I just wanted to see how the gun performed with different ammo.

The Bad:
Winchester Super x 37 grain hollow point was absolutely terrible and would not cycle, I actually had to empty the magazine back in the container. Not sure why. Can't blame the magazine either on this one.

The Winchester box of 333 rounds and the Dynapoint both cycled without any failures, although my magazine would stick with twelve shots left for some reason. I truly think it wasn't the gun having issues it was just the magazine needed to be broke in.

The best performing ammo was the American Eagle, it was flawless!
No magazine issues either.

I thought I brought some CCI ammo but forgot it at home, maybe I will post when I go to the range again sometime soon.

The Good:

Accuracy seems to be awesome, I was just shooting freehand at 35 yards with open sights and a full magazine.

This gun is extremely light and well balanced.

I am really happy with this gun, I think it just needs to cycle a few rounds through the magazines to break them in.

I will keep you posted once I go to the range and mount a scope.

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