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The great thing about the 45 Colt is that you do not have to hot rod it to the point of failure to get great performance. This article opened my eyes many years ago and my loading and hunting with the Blackhawk and the 45 Colt has demonstrated that Mr. Linebaugh knew what he was talking about.
I hunt with .45 slugs and jacketed bullets from 270 to 300 grains from my .45 Colt and my muzzleloader with sabots. The damage such bullets can do simply has to be experienced to be believed. Medium range velocities leave big holes that bleed freely. Higher velocities create an effect that Henry Ball coined as "Slammification." It describes the effect of a 300 grain XTP hollow point hitting a whitetail at 2300 to 2400 FPS. Suffice it to say that I often see deer flip and often see the bottom of their feet as the go over not to get back up.

The difference between 1100 fps and 2300 fps is just a matter of distance. As you lose velocity you just decrease your maximum distance. The effect of slamification remains pretty much the same.
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