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Confiscation scenarios

Being a Criminal Justice major, I took a course from a retired cop once and what he said with a smile on his face really disturbed me.
In short, he proudly talked about confiscating weapons during domestic disputes. All of this without warrants. One case was where a 3rd party called in on their neighbor for yelling.

Last time I talked to an LE official about this, he said there was a few requirements that had to be met before any of this could happen.

Do we have any remaining legal protection in these cases? I remember a few cases where the guy's wife concoted a story along these lines and in seconds there were several charges laid before the guy, his guns being confiscated being the least of his problems.

I'm a returning veteran of OIF and this nonsense is really taking a toll on me.
We had no trouble in letting each Iraqi family retain their AKs just so long as they pointed to where it was as we did the search.

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