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1903 Springfield Sporter

Hello, I’m Carl and live in NC but originally from California. This is my first post here on this Site.

My Grandfather gave this to me before he pasted in the mid 90's

He bought it from the NRA still with all of the cosmoline on it.

I know that he shot it in competition in the National Guard but that is about it.

I want to know more about this rifle so I have taken a bunch of pictures to share and have you guys help me figure it out.

I believe that it has not be modified at all since he bought it.

it has a star gauge barrel with a S A flaming cannon ball and a date of 12 - 27. According to some sites I have found it was made in 1928..

serial number 1285486

here are my questions

Is this a national match rifle?

Was this made from Springfield Armory this way or was it modify by the NRA?

I had hoped to be able to shoot in some CMP competitions with it but was told that it did not qualify because it is not in the military service configuration.

I am new to any type of shooting competition so I really do not know

Is this true?

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