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James K brings up some interesting points. I'll have to check the action for problems, dents, etc. My 9 year old grandson said, when the rifle failed to fire a couple of times, "if I keep this handle down (meaning the bolt knob), it doesn't misfire too much". Maybe it's a headspace problem. The end of the firing pin looked about right in shape and form. The firing pin spring does not feel soft in any way. It takes a good effort to cock the action by pulling back on the 'whatchamacallit'. Yup, I'll bet it is a headspace problem.

I'll try swishing the bolt around in solvent. That's a good easy and cheap way to start. Then I'll see if I can shim the bolt handle to lock the action down tighter. If that works, then I'll need the gunsmith to fix the problem, since I can't figure how I could fix that issue.

Thanks for the ideas, guys.
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