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There are a whole bunch of variables you need to consider.

For some people, over a 10 year period 100 people or more might see a safe in a basement or garage, and for some people no one may see it.

If it being seen by strangers, various HVAC service people, various plumbers, electricians, meter readers, guys servicing your water heater, other guys servicing your soft water system, also your washing machine, various cleaning ladies, they guy and his workmen doing your bathroom tile and washing out their buckets in your basement utility sink, teenage friends of your teenager, etc etc, a huge number of people could see it over 10 years.

Is the house empty 8 hours every day? Do you go away for weekends? how is the general security and crime rate in your neighborhood?

Are you protecting against young kids, older kids, theft, pilferage, and or fire etc? each of those actually may have very different solutions.

. Home valuables fall into two classes, things that cant be replaced and things that can be insured and replaced. If you have valuable things you are really better off photographing them and storing the images and some kind of inventory in the cloud. If your wife has a $10k ring and $15k in other jewelry you are 100x better off getting a cheap insurance rider and not worrying about getting them in safe.

Safes are much much easier to defeat than most people think. If they are seen by anyone they are actually an attractant for criminals to target your home
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