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It's a "parts" gun...

Meaning one made up from mixed parts, not one good only for parts.

The non matching numbers mean that at some time the rifle was taken apart, along with others, and all the parts mixed up. THis happened quite often, as guns were cleaned in groups, or reworked in groups.

Assuming the parts are all "good" it makes zero difference to the function of the rifle. Collectors pay the most for guns in original issue condition. Everything that detracts from that standard lowers the value, to a collector.

Your rifle is a mis matched model 98, sporterized, and as such it has no value to a milsurp collector. TO a shooter, its value depends on how good a rifle it is.

You've got a mid grade sporter, not the worst done, but nothing fancy or special. Very little interest in that kind of rifle these days, so they aren't worth much cash. Might be a good shooter, if you find the right load for it, one never knows until you try.

Not collectible, and not a high end piece of work, just a good honest deer gun a bit better suited to the deer woods than the original issue version.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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