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I clean/lube mine after about every three range trips for my regularly used pistols. If there is one I use infrequently then I clean/lube it after each range trip. I try to go to the range at least once a month. I use quality American made ammo.

I use grease to lube slide rails and exterior of the barrel on my SIGs so it does not run off or dry out after a single range trip.

My poly pistols such as my Walther PPQ, Glock 19, or SIG SP2022 I use a quality lube and that lasts quite a while - easily three range sessions.

I do however wipe the exterior metal of my pistols with a light coat of Breakfree CLP even if I am not doing a field strip cleaning before putting it away.

Before a trip to the range I do a quick check on lube conditions of my pistols whether they were cleaned last time or not.

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