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In 35 years of hunting turkeys, I can say one thing--they are unpredictable. I could write a full novel about craziness, successes, failures, and everything in between. Just be safe and enjoy yourself. The experience and "know-how" will come with time. Here's my two biggest tips for a newbie in the world of turkey hunting:

1) Don't go out and spend a gazillion dollars on a bunch of equipment that the "experts" say you must have. When it comes down to it, a cheap outfit of camouflage from Walmart (including a cheap face net), a comfortable pair of boots, one or two good calls, and a shotgun is all you need. I don't care if you have the absolute best camo out there, if you don't stay still and motionless, it doesn't matter. Turkeys see you. They usually tolerate your presence as long as you remain completely motionless.

2) DO NOT try to stalk a turkey, and DO NOT shoot at movement. Be sure of your target. And watch for fools who might try to stalk or shoot you.

Some people go decades before they ever bag their first turkey. Then others luck up and kill their first bird just as soon as they step out of their truck. Just enjoy yourself. Enjoy the springtime woods. And be safe.
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