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Springfield P9 (CZ75 clone) trigger

I have a 1990s Springfield P9 (CZ75 clone) in 9mm which is generally well made, reliable and accurate. The trigger, however, is gritty. I took it to a gunsmith to have a trigger job done around six weeks ago and it was supposed to be done before today. I called and he had not even started because he was having trouble finding an after market hammer. I reminded him that I asked for a trigger job, which - to me - means polishing surfaces and maybe replacing a spring or two. He told me that to smooth both the single and double action trigger pulls he needed to replace the hammer. Note that when I dropped the pistol off there was no mention of replacing the hammer.

To the CZ75 owners out there, does this sound legit? Do you need to replace the hammer to sort out the trigger pull on the pistol? I am starting the wonder if this guy is scamming me.

Thanks for your help.
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