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Wow a lot of good responses and a lot more for me to think about. I do believe a handgun would be a much better match for me with home defense and I have been doing the research online on how to go about obtaining the permit. I would still like something heavy duty at home because after what i seen during and after sandy showed me how dangerous your everyday person could really be.

As for others in my house hold using the shotgun is out of the question my wife is 4'11 and has some medical issues and is on the verge of being handicap. My step son is 15 i guess he could actually use it but his mentality is a tad bit immature and would not be comfortable with him having access to such power.
the next is our 3 year old and then our 7 month old. I work days as a private investigator which is another thing we have had people follow us homes on occasion or obtain our addresses from our vehicle plates.

I know since I have never shot a shotgun I would be looking for something with less kick but not sacrifice to much stopping power. I am 5'9 170lbs so a little kick isn't bad I just want to make sure i have full control of the weapon and the situation that i hope never comes.

If i go to my local range do they have different guns for me to try and use?
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