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Surplus ammo is generally older stuff that is milspec in quality - i.e., "Uncle Ivan says go 'BANG' that direction, comrade!"
I like my ammo a wee bit better then that. Also, I love reloading, it's a fun, productive and relaxing hobby, so yes, I've been reloading 7.62x39mm for a while.
Favorite load for the gas gun is the 123 gr Hornady Spire point, over 27 grains of AA #1680.Works very well.
A second favorite bullet is the Berry's 125 grain plated bullet, and the CZ 527M loves it. It likes H-4895 as a pusher.
Last, I also CAST my own bullets for this caliber, both 160 grain Lee tumble lubers and 129 grain NOE spire points, both gas checked bullets, and the 527M is quite fond of them. The vz-58 ain't wild about lead, and I hate cleaning out the gas port.

So, yes, a long answer to a short question - I have loaded 7.62x39mm for SKS rifles, AKs, my vz-58 and the bolt action CZ 527M, have fun doing it, and don't feel silly at all. Also, I remember very well the big ammo scare of 2008, (like today), and I had the range to myself...a lot.
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