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The model 33, starting at a time not known to me, had serial numbers, but this one doesn't have a SN. That's why I'm assuming that this one is from the early dates of manufacture. That's not a matter of any importance, since the value of the rifle is probably still only in double figures. The old rifle only has about two things going for it. It's accurate, and I like it.

The old stock appears to be a decent grade of walnut, so I may refinish it. But it I do that, then I'll want it reblued. But on the other hand, I really don't need to do anything other than to make it shoot.

Even if I took the bolt apart, I don't have the firing pin spring or a new firing pin, so I'll probably try to find a gunsmith that's in the area. We had two, but one got too old and one got cancer and passed away.
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