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I would agree with some of your posts, My step dad was in the 3rd wave on Okinawa, during the invasion: and rifle's were everywhere, I was stationed at Torii Station 20 years after the war. and war rellics were all over that Island. It was a great adventure to seek war goodies. Back to Pop's find He kept it and had an Okinawan gunsmith sportize it. Did a beautiful job. and I wanted that rifle, as a boy. He hunted with it for years, until he retired from the service. I always thought he would hand it down to me, but I attended Military school for 3 years. and when I returned home to attend public high school he had sold the 1903. Broke my heart!, But that's life! Anything could have happended to this fellows 1903, I felt the numbers were in question, for that number to survive to WWII. If you look at the entire 1903, as good as you can tell from the photo's and that bolt with that stamp. I purchased a rebuilt bolt from CMP 20 years ago, I just installed it in my 1903,this year. that I paid 30.00 USD for in 1970 in Hawaii. USMC. They never turned in there low number 1903's. rebarrel 12-43 on island. My bolt handle was a sway back and the handle was very corroded, They had cleaned it and reparkerized it. It had gotten so worn, I fired it often, sometimes it would miss a fired shell and failed to eject the spent cartrage. So Put the new bolt in. I have some extra parts, and so do several vet's that also fire the 1903, in my area.So overhauling the bolt will be no big deal! The fellow still has a nice weapon, I hope he treasures it! Be safe and shoot clean Sunny
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