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I was there, and I saw the testimony live (well, kinda live... the number of opposing citizens was so great the House had to set aside a number of rooms for closed-circuit viewing as the testimony took place in the House chamber). The Sheriff's testimony was well received by everyone in our room, and others as well by the sounds from down the hall. Other pro-2A expert panels made a number of equally well received remarks. One Delegate (I cannot recall his name... it might have been Kelly) asked a great question: "Why is there no mention of 'crime' in this bill?" He later followed up with a comment to the effect that the bill certainly seemed dedicated to the CREATION of criminals, from among the ranks of the currently law-abiding.

Over at Maryland Shall Issue I found out that citizens testifying against the bill outnumbered supporters by ~1300 to 30, and that testimony continued until after 3AM.

While, like you, David, I find this level of opposition to this silliness to be encouraging, I unfortunately have a recent example of MD politics that shows what we're up against: I also attended the MD Senate Judicial Proceedings in February, where the Assembly was supposedly "stunned" by the unanticipated turnout, and had to scramble to improvise their responses to the crowd which, for the first time ever (one long-time Senator said he hadn't seen anything like it, "even during the 60's") exceeded the building's seating capacity for a committee hearing. Over 700 people who'd signed up to give testimony were turned away after the proceedings ended at 9PM.

Despite this "unprecedented" opposition, the bill STILL made it out of committee almost unaltered, and, if I'm not mistaken, went on to be passed by the entire Senate. Up hill battle, all for the political aspirations of our dear Governor, and his urinating contest with Cuomo for the pole position in the 2016 Dem Presidential Primary. Grr.
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