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I'd be interested in your thoughts about loading a revolver with only a left hand.
Left hand is easier then right hand, simply because the cylinder flips out on the left side.

Using the Left hand:

Disengage the cylinder release with the trigger finger and give the revolver a slight flip to get the cylinder to flip open. If you can, it would be easier to roll your thumb up and push the cylinder out.

Twist the gun in the hand so you can reach and dump the empties.

Then with the cylinder open tuck the gun in your waste band. The cylinder flips around a bit so tilt your speed loader a tad to get it started then push to get the speed loaders to dump the bullets in the cylinder, then push the cylinder closed and you're loaded up.

Using the right hand, its the same except you have to twist the revolver around sticking it in the waste band back wards to have the cylinder on the outside.

I recommend speed loaders like the comp II or III. You just push down to get the gun loaded. With the twist type, your cylinder will try to rotate.

Use snap caps or dummy rounds and empty rounds to practice this.

Don't close the cylinder until you get the gun out of your waste band and pointed in a safe direction.

Like anything else, the more you practice the easier and faster it will be.
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