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Yes, probably parallax is a minor issue with the 22 rifles, but not enough to matter to me. The old Leupolds 2-7's are the old friction adjustments and I'm not going to send em back to Leupold for any sort of work unless they break. If I was going to buy new for the rifles, I'd probably go with the Nikon variable for rimfires, and they have the BDC dots (or lines or circles).

One thing that probably mattered to accuracy is that I just reached in the bulk box and got a handful of ammo. I know for a fact that it's mixed ammo from leftovers of other bulk boxes, and some of it is pretty old (Federal, Winchester, and Remington), so pinpoint accuracy was something that I really wasn't expecting. And the older scope on the 9422 was not quite as clear as the newer (but still old) scope on the 39A. I was pleased with the 39A accuracy with the polyglot ammo. Maybe I could've done better with the 9422, but it was cold, the wind was blowing hard, light was fading, and my wife was saying "come get supper". HMMM, that last sentence sounds like what I say when I miss a deer or coyote.
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