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Let me expand on what I was saying. If it was between exactly equal guns, except one had a grip safety, and one didn't, I would choose the one without, for the reasons I explained earlier.

However, I do like XD's, they're good guns, but there are a variety of reasons, the grip safety being one of them, why I don't carry one. I don't like the grip, being the #1 reason. The ease of removing the sights being another. I just prefer the Glock. Even if the XD didn't have a grip safety, I'd still shoot a Glock. However, if the sights were easier to remove and I liked the grip of the XD, I'd probably shoot that instead, in spite of the grip safety. But that comes down to preference.

I don't like grip safeties, but I also know the situations where it would be a hindrance are very, very rare.
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