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James K
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No doubt the Python is a well made and beautifully finished revolver. And they look to keep increasing in price. Obviously they were made to be used, but today actually firing one will decrease its value.

The Python is the same mechanically as the other Colts of that type and frame size. It was hand tuned by Colt experts and carries the antique lockwork about as far as it can go in terms of reducing stacking and keeping perfect time. But that kind of work costs money and Colt did not sell enough of any of those old revolvers to compete with more modern and less expensive designs. (Their own improved design flopped in part because it could not compete with the older models in the minds of Colt traditionalists.)

IMHO, if you want a Python to admire and (like a gold bar) watch it increase in value, fine. If you want a .357 Magnum revolver to shoot, buy an S&W or if you really want a Colt, look around for one of their other models in that caliber.

Jim K
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