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If you are talking for a combat situation then you should not be looking at the sights. If you are aiming you are dead.
Great advice! I'm going to remove the sights from my gun! I certainly don't want to die.


After shooting studies shows that the shooter who takes aimed shots is usually the one who survives. This is why point shooting is usually not taught in police academies. Police are taught to take deliberately aimed shots.

Now, if you're talking about the fact that you should be able to pick up your front sight quickly enough to where you're not taking a significant amount of time to aim, then I agree with you. But you should always aim...always.

Here's a good post on aiming in SD situations on truth about guns:

He talks mostly about shotguns, but the idea still applies. My favorite line:

If you doubt the veracity of that assertion [that is, aiming], ask yourself why gang bangers are so intellectually challenged (a.k.a., stupid). If they aimed their gun at their rivals, colleagues or (god forbid) law enforcement, natural selection would have given us a more intelligent class of criminal. Bad guys who’d use their brain to avoid gunfights.
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