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One Hand Shooting

If one has read many of my post they would know I'm a big fan of one hand shooting of handguns for SD purposes.

This time I'm talking one hand shooting when you only have one hand.

I was contacted by an individual who wanted me to help him load, shoot, and carry a handgun.

He assumed it would have to be a revolver as he can't work the slide on a semi since he has one arm.

I asked WHY, WHO TOLD YOU THAT? I added if you want a pistol for carry then carry one.

I'm a firm believer in there is no hopeless shooters. Since I've been involved in firearms training (since the mid 70s) I've prided myself in the ability to work with handicaps in my firearm instructors.

I'm also a firm believer in revolvers for SD, but there are exceptions to every rule (even mine). I think that if you have only one arm/hand, its easier to load and use a semi then a revolver.

I'm taking him to the range tomorrow to work with him, showing him that one hand is not a handicap.

In case you (fellow firearms instructors) don't know, semis are fairly easy to use with one hand.

Simply keep a empty magazine handy for loading your pistol. Insert the empty mag into the pistol and run it down your leg. The sights will drag on your pant leg pulling the slide back locking it open. Now hit the mag release and drop the mag (only carry pistols/mags that will fall free of the gun when you hit the mag release).

Stick the pistol with the mag out in you waste band, take your loaded magazine, insert it, draw the pistol out and hit the slide release.

Stick the gun in your pocket/holster or how ever you carry it. Now you're ready to go about your daily business while carrying.

When I say semis are better, in my opinion, they are easier to load one handed, plus normally have more ammo, meaning less chance of having to reload if you need the gun. Plus if you do have to load, drop the mag, insert in your belt, replace the mag, hit the slide release.

I also teach loading revolvers with one hand, not easy, the cylinder is flopping around while you're trying to get the speed loader lined up.

I tried to make a video of getting a pistol in action but I really suck making movies.

A bit of practice and you'll see the above method is quite easy.

PRACTICE WITH TWO EMPTY MAGAZINES. Don't close the slide on the pistol while its in your belt. Point at a safe direction and close the slide.

It's a lot easier then it sounds.
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