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This is hard to respond to. It sounds great to try before you buy, but I have NEVER done that. I do have a pretty refined ability to buy guns which work well for me. I generally develop over time what I want at home. I look at popular guns, calibers, shapes, etc. I try to stick with most common except where I want to specialize.

In an HD shotgun, that would be:
12 ga
Rem 870, Mossberg 500 or 590, Mossberg 930, Rem 11-87
18.5" HD Barrel Open or Cyl Choke
Bead sight

This is what is popular. If it were me, it would be a Mossy 930 SPX or HD Combo, add a good red dot for speed, add a Specter 2 pt sling and add some on gun reload holding capacity.

Since I was not looking for an HD shotgun when i bought mine, I bought the deer combo. It has been a fine gun and fed everything. I'm thinking about getting the 18.5" barrel for buckshot fun!
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