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Originally Posted by Guv
A muzzle break will significantly increase muzzle blast.
I see that posted all the time. I have a brake on my .308 and my 30-06. I don't notice a significant increase in muzzle blast. Yes it is increased but I don't notice it on the back end and it does SIGNIFICANTLY reduce recoil. Now if you're talking about the blast bothering people shooting next to me, most of them are bouncing hot cases out of their AR's and AK's off of me and my bench. They are shooting 20 to 30 rounds in succession. I shot 1 to 5 then the rifle takes a brake (pun intended) It a "shooting" range. If noise bothers them they shouldn't be at a "shooting" range. Their hot brass doesn't bother me, it's part of "shooting" at a range.
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