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The option I went with certainly doesn't lend itself to being used in more than one caliber/cartridge design. As you said, it was necessary for my needs. I'll give the company credit for making available solutions that support different needs....can't go wrong that way.

I'm not sure if you are considering the target or not. Again, it is great for what I do....not sure if you would find it worth the extra expense. One thing for sure, for the price of a few batteries, you sure can get a lot of practice in.

Good luck on whatever you decide on. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.

Edit: I was just on the LaserLyte web site and noticed they now have the automatic reaction targets (RT). That is an addition since I was last there. I also noticed that the laser that use to fit into the barrel, which stuck out 1" ~ 2", is no longer being sold. The one you were looking at, which protrudes just a quarter inch, would work for holster work (as they now indicate). They seem to be continually refining their product line and adding new items.
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