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I'm the first person to respond to this thread, back in 2011. At that time I had an XD45...Loved it, awesome gun. But my opinion has kind of changed. Nothing to do with why I sold it. My Glock 21 just took over it.

They're certain guns that I just don't take serious to carry and depend my life on. Not saying that XD is bad in any way. But the PPQ that I gave away, and the XD45 that I sold. For some reason I just wasn't too...serious with them.

At the time I was in Liberty City. With the Glock 21sf IWB at 4:00 and 2 spare mags at 8:00. If I needed to draw, I needed to draw fast and adequate enough to grip the gun properly for it to fire. I never had an issue with the XD in this. But didn't want to try. I have training with SIG and Glock under stress. Didn't see a need to make sure to grip the gun 100% properly, when what I'm trained with doesn't require that.

So the .45 everyone else had, I went with. Sold the XD45...I regret it. Cause it was a fun range gun to me. But needed to for something. I think for a 1911 of some kind.

All depends what you like.

My above posted is why I don't like it for serious use.

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