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Things that work against accumulating eight thousand draws with a tuckable holster:

It takes considerably longer to holster and then tuck your shirt back in around the holster than it does to holster. If you don't tuck your shirt back in, you're not training the way you'd fight.
Nature provides you at least a few opportunities every single day to practice accessing (not drawing, but accessing) your gun. You can easily make a habit of quickly yanking up your shirt and getting your hand properly on the gun whenever you need to use the restroom and at the end of the day when you're changing clothes. That quickly gets you a lot of reps at the most difficult part of the draw, and you're going to be untucking at those times anyway.

Again, don't draw then. But practice accessing the gun every opportunity you get, and the complete draw takes care of itself because you practice that in regular dry fire or at the range.

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