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I reload for close to 75 different calibers, & so far, 7.62 X 39 is not one of them... I have one of those old $89.00 Chinese SKS's ( anyone remember those ) mine has been accurized, & I love it, but it does "throw those cases into next week" so it's one I actually like using steel cases, as I have a good magnet on a stick, & use it to clean up my shooting area... I just don't think I'd shoot the gun, if I was worried about finding the brass cases, & as reloading is a hobby equal to the shooting, I think I'd spend as long or longer trying to find the cases, than I spent shooting the gun...

my 2 favorite semi auto rifles to shoot are my Ruger 10-22, & my SKS... both because of fun factor, & because I don't have to hunt for spent cases...
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