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I saw a new one in a gun shop the other day, and I swear they were asking $800 for it. That can't be the new in the box price these days, can it?
If you saw one for that price NIB, you should have bought it. I would have jumped all over that.

Check out some of the prices on Gunbroker for a NIB 9422 and it will shock you.

I wish you'd have given me the skunk advice a couple of years ago. I shot one 40 yards west of the house, and I blasted him with the 223. He let go a huge cloud of spray into a slow breeze out of the WEST. I heard about that from the wife for months.
How do you suppose I acquired that sage advice?

I was in the edge of a bean field looking for groundhogs and I was downwind.

I skunk came out and started moving toward me. I shot him about 35 yards away with a 22-250. I got educated in a hurry and am therefore well versed in what NOT to do.

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