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I have owned a PX4 .40 fullsize type F for coming on 5 years now, and coming on 5,000 rounds. It has never skipped a beat, and never given any indication of being anything but excellent quality. It has also fed a wide variety of loads happily, including five shapes of popular carry JHP (HST, Gold Dot, Ranger-T, PDX1, and Remington Golden Saber have all run smooth as silk, if I recall correctly).

It's a fantastic pistol. It was a crazy bargain at the $399 it was going for before the panic, and is still reasonable at the $520-550 it goes for now. I have had some time with the FNP (not FNX or FNS, the current series) and while it was a quality gun, my subjective feel was that the Beretta was nicer. The Beretta magazines are way nicer, but that's true about almost every brand versus the Brescia-made Beretta and Mec-Gar magazines. Italians know how to make a nice mag.
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