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I have a fullsize PX4 9mm Inox and a stainless FNS-9 (basically a striker fired version of the FNX-9). Both are excellent guns! The frames of the FNS-9 and FNX-9 appear to be indentical except for the size of the thumb safety on the FNS-9 and the safety/decocker on the FNX-9. I have read that some people say the FNX-9 thumb safety gets in the way of their strong hand thumb when gripping the gun and at times when switching off the safety you can go past the fire position and decock the gun. The thumb safety on the FNS-9 is much smaller than the FNX-9. Of course the PX4 has a slide mounted safety/decocker with "bat winged" levers which you may or may not like. The grip on the FNS/FNX is much more textured than the PX4. I find the PX4 grip to be a little slick and I put a Hogue Handall slip on grip on it. I find the PX4 recoil a little softer than the FNS possibly due to the rotating barrel of the PX4. The night sights on my FNS are excellent. My PX4 has fairly large three dot sights which I also like. Buy the one that fits your hand the best. You won't go wrong with either.
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