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FNH VS Beretta

Welcome aboard!

Can't testify to the FN at all other than the feel wonderful in the hand. I briefly had a PX4 full size chambered in .45 Auto. I absolutely loved the gun, felt wonderful in the hands, recoil of a 9mm out of a .45, accurate, great trigger, easy to maintain. But I had issues with it failing to go into battery. It did this 3 times, all with factory ammo of different brands(PMC Bronze, Speer Lawman, and Winchester White Box).

Beretta's love to be wet and heavily oiled, unlike other guns where a drop will do, a Beretta likes 3-4 drops. This is advice passed to me from a few close friends in the Army.

A very close friend has a PX4 compact 9mm and he recently had the same failure to go into battery as I did. As far as I know it only happened to him once. I have since traded it for a Beretta 96 Centurion which I'm in love with.

Stay safe and happy shooting!
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