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Rossi 44 Magnum

I was looking around at Academy Sports today and they had a Rossi 44 mag revolver with a 2" barrel. It looked for all the world to be a Taurus Tracker revolver but without the silly ported barrel. I have owned several Taurus guns and never had any real problems with them. And I know Taurus now owns Rossi.

So I was wondering if anyone here has had any real experience with the new Taurus made Rossi's and what you thought of them? To me this is more of a strong 44 special than a magnum gun. That how treated the 44 Tracker I used to own.

The price was a reasonable $369.00. I need a new gun like I need a second wife but the idea of a new gun is just so much fun. ( a second wife not so much). Plus I already have the ammo. Opinions please.
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