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.357 Colt Python question

I have a few semi-automatic handguns, but have yet to purchase a revolver. I have wanted a Colt Python for the past few years, but I never had spare cash to pick one up. I finally have enough funds (thanks to my tax return) but I am experiencing some pre buyer’s anxiety.

I have heard the Python is one of the most amazing .357 revolvers one can ever shoot, plus I think it looks awesome. I haven’t been able to find one locally, and on Gunbroker, they have been selling for a few thousand dollars.

Part of me is having a hard time justifying dropping that much cash for one gun, when for the same price I could buy a used Ruger of Smith and Wesson .357, and still have money left over for a Beretta 92 fs inox and a Glock 19.

If I was to buy only one .357 revolver my entire life, is the Python worth the price/hype?
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