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.308 help

So I purchased a savage 16 in .308 last summer and really don't care for shooting it because of the recoil. It weighs about 7.5 pounds with a 22 inch barrel. My primary use is target/bench shooting from 200-500 yards. Though I also bought the .308 for the possibility of big game hunting (elk, moose, bear) though I'm not sure ill ever get the chance.

So I'm thinking about getting rid of it and getting a different bolt gun. I already have an Ar15 and am thinking about a .223 bolt action but was also thinking a different .308 with heavy barrel would be less painful to shoot. Thoughts? I know a .223 doesn't hardly kick at all in an ar but what about in a bolt gun? Would a heavier bolt gun in .308 kick much less than the one I have now?

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